In the quiet of the night, whispers call,
a siren’s song of longing, wrapped in fire.
Each note a promise, a lure so sweet,
to taste the forbidden, to sip the poison.

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I stand at the edge, the abyss close,
a battle in my soul, to hold or fall.
The shadows beckon softly, offering comfort,
but a voice within insists, “Resist.”

Temptation grips with iron, its touch velvet,
it cloaks itself in solace, disguised as love.
I have seen its aftermath, the hollow stare,
the broken dreams, the silent sorrow.

Yet still it calls, relentless, a pulse within,
a craving deep, insidious, that binds.
I breathe the air of freedom, seek the light,
each step a choice, a path to forge.

I anchor in the present, moments pure,
to stave the creeping darkness, to hold firm.
For every fleeting pleasure, lasting pain,
in the heart of struggle, my soul finds strength.

I find my strength in whispers, in gentle friends,
in the promise of tomorrow, where healing lies.
I stand my ground, hold my own, against the pull,
courage my guide, through shadows vast.

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